This series of powder X-ray diffraction devices produced by STOE company, using new technology and as the most advanced product of this company, has special flexibility and the possibility of using A combination of two common configurations  It provides reflection and transit. It is also possible to use a wide range of accessories to cover all the needs of specialists in this field. It should be mentioned that it is possible to transfer from one configuration to another configuration easily and within a very short time without the need to make special settings or calibrate the mirror, monochromator or other parts of the device.

STADI MP systems use silicon strip detectors with the latest technology available in the world, which due to their extremely high ability, very high speed and resolution, and the possibility of removing The fluorescence interference of this series of detectors provides the possibility of providing results with the highest possible quality. 

It should be mentioned that this system uses X-RAY radiation with a special feature of quasi-parallel  used, which makes it ideal for thin film measurements (Thin Film measurements).

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