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Cooperation Request

In order to complete its sales team, Pibard Advanced Laboratory Science invites experts who have graduated from chemistry and biology fields with similar experience in the field of selling laboratory devices on a full-time basis. Please send your resume to info [at] peybordco.com. send it After reviewing the resumes, applicants are invited for an interview.

Minimum requirements for cooperation

  1. Familiarity with computer.
  2. High public relations.
  3. Not having a bad criminal record.
  4. resident in Tehran city
  5. Having an end of service card or permanent non-medical exemption  (for male applicants)

Why cooperate with PEYBORD?


Teamwork experience

working with the team of experts


Acquaintance with current knowledge

latest laboratory equipment and technology.


Peace of working environment

calm environment and away from any stress.

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Direct Representation

Support 7/24

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