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Creating the largest consulting center and equipping chemical and biological science analysis laboratories in the country by providing the most up-to-date devices and technologies in the world, along with scientific support for the maximum efficiency of these technologies in order to improve the scientific level of the country's research and industrial laboratories.

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Basic science and the technologies used in analysis equipment are developing at a rapid rate. Experts, researchers and scientists in laboratories have always faced the challenge of updating the technologies used, especially considering the specific conditions of the country. The vision of the Advanced Laboratory Knowledge Company is to create the best consulting center and supply advanced laboratory equipment, using experts in related sciences who have been trained in manufacturing companies, in such a way that they can be a bridge between modern knowledge in the world and the centers To create research of the country. On the other hand, due to the rapid growth of science in the research and quality control centers of the Middle East region and the urgent need of professors, researchers and experts in neighboring countries for the support of trained teams and advice for the implementation and use of modern methods, the company's vision was realized , creating the largest center for developing and implementing analytical methods as well as providing training courses in the region. Completing the work of groups and using specialized and motivated forces, around the current core of the company, will make the group become the largest supplier of equipment in the region.


We want all researchers and experts in chemistry and biological sciences to be able to access the best and most advanced technologies in the world without worrying about the complications of use.


Creating long-term profitability by equipping and upgrading the scientific, research and industrial laboratories of the country and updating the knowledge of researchers in the direction of  Using as much as possible the newest technologies of the world and raising the scientific level of the country.

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