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This company has been established by using sales technical staff, experienced service engineers and experienced professors...

According to the available experiences and abilities, this group is your partner in all stages, from the time of choosing the desired laboratory, scientific and research devices and during the examination of applications to the optimal use of these systems. The company's fundamental strategy The advanced knowledge of Bard Laboratory, which it is famous for, is the provision of special services in all stages and especially continuous training, holding seminars and providing scientific advice by experienced experts, after providing advanced laboratory devices. Obtaining exclusive representation from prestigious global companies such as STOE and OXFORD and using the technical support of these companies in order to gain the confidence of customers by providing after-sales services including: installation, training, commissioning, warranty and supply of parts at the level of standards It is international

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Why Peybord?

Equipment warranty

The equipment that is purchased from Peybord, due to our assurance of the quality of the products offered, all have 1 year of free support.

After Sales Service

Peybord has always been trying to meet the needs of its customers in the field of after-sales services in the best and fastest way possible by employing expert forces.

Providing Quality Products

All the efforts of our colleagues are to provide domestic and foreign quality products to our loyal customers and we will spare no efforts in this way.

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