Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Tabletop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy is a spectroscopic method in chemistry used for chemical analysis and a unique technique to identify the structure of materials. and chemical groups. Pulsar is a high-performance, high-precision desktop nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer that uses a 60 MHz proton resonance permanent magnet and does not require liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, or other compressed gases. This device, which uses natural city electricity, does not have any safety and health requirements. This means that the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer can be used in the laboratory while conducting experiments, without the need to send samples to other centers that have this facility. Although the use of powerful field systems may still be required at times, Pulsar's exceptional performance can answer a wide range of your needs instantly and wherever you want.


Pulsar uses standard five mm nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer tubes and an advanced and efficient automatic method for "shimming" Uses. Apart from H and F spectra, Pulsar can measure C spectra with high accuracy and sensitivity up to concentrations less than 0.5 M in less than two It has a clock. With high concentration and pure samples, the desired results can be achieved in less than an hour. There is also a wide range of measurements such as DEPT, COSY and TOCSY, in addition to two-dimensional C-H analyses. All Pulsar nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from software
They use the Oxford SpinFlow interface, which is equipped with the powerful Mnova software for data processing, while allowing quick and simple use for performing experiments and collecting spectra.

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