Atomic Absorption (AA)

Atomic absorption device (AA)

Atomic absorption spectroscopy is one of the most common methods of analyzing elemental compounds due to its high sensitivity and accuracy. In this method, the samples are converted into atoms in the atomizing part of the device, and then the intensity of the light absorbed by the atoms is measured, which is proportional to the concentration of the sample. It should be noted that all elements emit light at the wavelength they absorb, so for the production of absorbable light for each element, the light emitted by the free atoms of the same element that are in an excited state is used.

We respectfully inform you that the atomic absorption device with flame atomizer and furnace is available along with a wide range of cathode lamps, consumables and spare parts. Please consult for technical information. Before the sale and invoice, contact the sales team of Danesh Advanced Laboratory Company. 

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