Aquinity P35/P70 series

Aquinity series² P35, P70 uses reverse osmosis (RO) systems and special modules to produce deionized water and store it in an external tank (35 liters or 70 liters). The produced water of the system can be used directly (for example, to clean glass containers) or by connecting the tank to the laboratory dishwasher. The water coming out of the tank is produced in the form of ultra-pure water that can be used using a flexible dispenser.  This series of products of the German Membrapure company also have different configurations (Reagent, Analytical and LifeScience) to produce ultrapure water for various applications in laboratories.

The Analytical model is a version with a UV lamp for low TOC value, and in the Life Science version, in addition to a UV lamp and an ultrafiltration module, it is used for low TOC and low endotoxin values. An optional integrated TOC sensor allows the user to continuously monitor the TOC level of the produced water. In addition, Aquinity² Can be configured as an integrated desktop system or with an external panel for wall mounting (with tilting display). Also, the tank can be installed next to or above the system or even under the table. It should be noted that if needed, the tanks can be connected in series to have a larger volume of pure water in storage.


Technical specifications of ultrapure water output

Example schematic diagram of system configuration



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