Aquinity² P10 Series

Aquinity system² The P10 is designed to produce ultrapure water (0.055 µS/cm) from tap water. Aquinity system² P10 uses reverse osmosis (RO) to produce deionized water with a volume of 8 liters per hour and stores it in an internal tank of 10 liters. In the next step, ultrapure water is produced using a combination of optimized mixed media. This water can be used by the device dispenser. All components of Aquinity² P10 are installed in a specially designed housing. The system can be opened simply by removing the doors of the device and the ultrapure water production modules and UV lamp (185nm/256nm) are available.

An internal TOC (TI) sensor (optional) allows the user  Monitor the TOC level of produced water online.


Technical specifications of outlet water and water

Example schematic diagram of system configuration




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