Aquinity² E35/ E70 Series

Aquinity series² E using reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodeionization cell (EDI) systems, Type II deionized water with specifications of 0.2 µS/cm and 5 MOhm x cm is produced and stored in external tanks (35 liters or 70 liters). They do.

The water stored in the tanks can be used directly (for example, to clean glassware) or by connecting the tank to the Moore laboratory dishwasher. Using this water stored in tanks, the system produces ultra-pure water that can be used using a flexible dispenser. Aquinity water purification system² They are designed in different configurations (Reagent, Analytical and LifeScience) according to the needs of various laboratories for ultrapure water.

Analytical model, using UV lamp for low TOC value. The Life Science version also has a UV lamp as well as an ultrafiltration module to produce pure water with   TOC is low and endotoxin levels are low. An optional integrated TOC sensor allows the user to monitor TOC content permanently online. In addition, the Astacus² They are offered as an integrated desktop system or a desktop system with an external panel that can be installed on the wall with a tilt screen.

Also, Type II water quality prevents rapid draining of Type I water polishing cartridges. Therefore, for all laboratories using more than 100 liters per day of Type I water, Aquinity² E35/E70 is also a wise economic and environmental decision with low mileage.


Output and input water technical specifications

Example schematic diagram of system configuration



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