AquaRO²,& EDI² Series

AquaRO²,& EDI² Series

AquaRO² AquaRO² DI  and EDI²  Membra Pure Germany company, using reverse osmosis (RO) systems  They produce deionized water used in different laboratories. EDI series² using special cells  While receiving pure water, EDI produces ultra-pure water (Type II water). These systems have reliable and compact technology that provide you with devices with low operating costs. One of the advantages of these series is flexibility in terms of configuration. These series of possible production  8 to 40 liters of pure water output per hour and their produced water in three different purities  It is from 10 to 0.2µS/cm. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with a dispenser. Customers also have the option of choosing a 35-liter, 70-liter, or other size storage tank.


Technical specifications of outlet ultrapure water

Inlet water technical specifications

Example schematic design of the above series of products



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