Seminars and Conference



Relay on our technicians’ teams we are able to provide unique training packages for our valuable customers that are beyond the routine, includes:


- Periodic informational seminars and conferences to discuss new innovated technologies in the field conducting by our technicians or factories experts.

- Trouble shooting course and routine maintenance workshops.

- Different fundamentals to advance or application developing courses in each field conducting by our application field scientists with practical workshops

- Exceptional training course is available for purchaser of STOE single Crystal XRD: The main concern of customers who need Single Crystal XRD is having expert operators to be able opting accurate data of unknown samples and ability of using dedicated softwares to recognize crystal structure, now PEYBORD is providing an exceptional 6 months training courses to educate users who are purchasing Single crystal systems. The course in includes daily practical workshops with real samples and come with two years guarantee of person by company. During the guarantee period attendees will receive our expert support to handle tests and obtain enough knowledge in solving unknown crystal structures. The course will be conducted by our X-Ray application field scientist.


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