Broadband Benchtop NMR X-Puls

Benchtop NMR X-Puls


The PulsarTM NMR spectrometer from Oxford Instruments delivers affordable, high performance NMR spectroscopy into the laboratory environment. Pulsar is a benchtop NMR spectrometer that offers high resolution performance without the need for liquid nitrogen, liquid helium or compressed gases. It uses a standard mains electricity supply, and has no special health and safety requirements. This means you can run NMR spectra in your own lab, close to your own process, without having to send samples away to a remote NMR facility and wait for the results.


Detail information:

Pulsar is a 60MHz, cryo-free, high resolution NMR spectrometer, intended for use where it is not possible to obtain liquid helium or liquid nitrogen, or to supplement the use of a higher field instrument. Pulsar is suited to virtually any laboratory from the teaching or organic synthesis laboratory, to near-line in an industrial production area:


  • 60 MHz rare-earth permanent magnet
  • Cryogen-free system
  • Benchtop NMR system - no dedicated room required
  • Fully auto shimming - no manual shimming required
  • 19F or 1H measurements on single probe
  • 13C option
  • Software and hardware locks to give optimized performance for every experiment
  • 2D homo- and heteronuclear sequences including COSY, J-resolved, TOCSY, DEPT and HMQC
  • Perpetual license for Mnova software from Mestrelab
  • Perfect for teaching departments - easily operated by undergraduate students


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