AquaRO²,& EDI² Series

AquaRO²,& EDI² Series



The series of AquaRO², AquaRO²DI and EDI² are based on a reverse osmosis (RO) unit to produce deionised water. The EDI² series further processes the osmosis water by using an EDI cell to get Type II water. All sytems provide you with reliable and compact systems at low operating costs. The advantages of both series is the flexibility in terms of configuration. A production rate of 8 to 40 L/h in three different degrees of pure water (10 µS/cm to 0.2 µS/cm) is available. Optionally the systems can be equipped with a dispenser. The customer can select a 35 L ,70 L or individual tank size.


Technical Specifications of produced water:


          > 0.1 MOhm x cm to > 5 MOhm x cm

          < 10 µS/cm to < 0.2 µS/cm

production rate: 

          8 L/h to 40 l/h

Total Organic Carbon (TOC):

          < 20 ppb to 50 ppb








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