Gas Chromatography (GC)


Gas Chromatography is one of the most important quantitative and qualitative analytical tools in chemistry because of its simplicity, sensitivity and effectiveness in separating and identifying various mixtures of components.

In this technique samples (usually liquid mixtures) are vaporized and introduced into a moving gas stream such as helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen known as the “carrier gas”. The flowing gas transports the gaseous solute into a separation column. The components of the sample are separated based on the degree of interaction with stationary phases inside the column.  The components are washed out the column by carrier gas and measure by a detector.

GC has diverse applications in different fields includes biological, chemistry, environmental sciences and widely used in industries. GC is the core tool to analyze complex mixtures of hydrocarbons in petroleum industries which plays an important role in Iran as an energy superpower in the world.





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