Bench-top SEM IM10 (Max.30k)


IM-10 is an entry-level model that provides optimum functions with most basic specifications in the SEM line-up in ISP Co., Ltd.
With Low Vacuum mode, perform image analysis of a non-conductive specimen without pretreatment of a sample.
This model comes with differentiated specifications, compared to conventional SEM models.



Model IM-10 SERIES
I. Major Features:
1. Detector BSE
2. Stage System (Storke) X,Y(40㎜) 2-axis Motorized
4. Accelerating Voltage 10~30kV
5. Magnifications 50x~30,000x
6. Maximum Sample Size 50㎜(D) x 40㎜(H)
II. Electron Optics:
1. Electron Gun Tungsten(W) Filament
2. Aperture(O.L) Single Type
3. Beam Shift X.Y 100㎛ (±50)
III. Image System:
1. Image Diplay 22inch LCD
2. Image Fomat BMP,JPEG,PNG,TIFF
3. OS Windows10
4. Scan Mode 320×240,640×480,1280×960,2560×1280
5. Automation Function Auto Focus, Contrast&Brightness, Stigmator, Gun Align(by gou align coil)
V. Vacuum:
1. Vacuum mode Low Vacuum
2. Pump System Initial Vacuum : Rotary(100L), High Vacuum : Turbo Molecular(80L) / Full Automation
VI. Dimensions:
1. SEM 480(W)x480(D)x1180㎜, 90kg
2. Rotary Pump 400(W)x160(D)x340(H)㎜, 24kg
VII. Additional:
1. SEM CCD CAMERA, Analysis Joystick Controller
2. Option EDS, Cooling Stage



  • Ion Sputter Coater

  • EDS





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