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Aquaro²/EDI² produce Labwater up to ASTM Type II directly from tap water. All Systems have integrated pretreatment and a RO module which reduces ionic content by 98%. To increase this water quality you can decide for models with an additional resin cartridge or self regeneration EDI cell to get Type II water quality. The Aquinity² is fed directly from municipal or potable tap water, whereas the Astacus² needs deionised water. Both systems ensure a high level of convenience at low operating costs.

Aquinity² ultrapure water systems are equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) and/or an optional electro-deionisation (EDI) cell to produce deionised water. The systems feature 10l, 35l or 70l storage reservoirs which are filled at a production rate of 10l/h. The deionised water can be dispensed straight from this reservoir. In the next step the ultrapure water is produced with an optimized combination of activated carbon and mixed bed cartridges.

As an additional option the new Aquinity² and Astacus² models enable remote diagnosis and service via the internet. This Remote Check offers you the opportunity to save time and money with fast and reliable support from our service team. 


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Aquinity² P10 ultrapure water system

Aquinity² P35/P70 Pure water systems

Aquinity² E35/E70 ultrapure water

Astacus² ultrapure water

Pure water systems AquaRo² and EDI² 



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Aquinity² P10
Aquinity² P35 / P70
Aquinity² E35 / P70
AquaRO² & EDI²




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