For over 25 years, Aurora Biomed has been a global leader in the design and development of lab automation solutions for life science, environmental science, drug discovery/safety and chemical analysis research. 


Aurora’s TRACE series of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers are the cornerstone of elemental analysis. The AI 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer provides complete security of clearly determining the peaks of 70 elements from the widest analysis range on the market. The 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer coupled with the Autosampler and Micro-Volume Flame Analysis technology supplies unparalleled detection and throughput. Our systems can feature multiple atomizer configurations for the ultimate ease of use. 


Aurora’s TRANSFORM series of Microwave Digestion units are built with safety as the utmost concern. The Transform series comes with a top loading pressure resistant heavy duty oven chamber, safeguarding the operator under the most strenuous of circumstances. The Transform 800 Microwave Digestion unit with its 800 psi operating pressure ensures all sample preparation for elemental analysis is conducted in the quickest time possible.







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